Smallish beginnings…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

This is the story of two mothers, a story that has been told a thousand times most likely. The two mothers, Anna and Kate, wanted to work but also felt they needed to be at home (yeah, yeah, heard this one before, I hear you cry).

Anna and Kate met at a mum and baby group (hmmm, so original). They had their babies at the same hospital, only a few weeks apart and both had had girls. Anna and Kate became friends, bonding over breastfeeding and birthing stories, toddler tantrums and eventually, once they had finally got some sleep, all things home decor. The little girls also became friends, bonding over stickers, biscuits, not listening to their mothers and an intense passion for shoes which some might consider unhealthy in children so young.  Anyway, Anna was a textile designer and lecturer in her pre-baby life, Kate had turned to sewing after spending a fair few years nearly, but not quite, becoming a doctor. After much beating about the bush and not getting to the actual point they finally managed to admit that they would really like to work together. Honestly, it was more awkward than teenagers asking each other out on a date, so the husbands say.

So one Sunday morning, once their girls had finished arguing over who was getting the red cup and the husbands had been sent out on an inflatable canoe (true story), Anna and Kate set to work  building a business that could work for them and their families.

This blog is that story, the story of The Smallish House.