A world to spark imagination

Home is so important in a three year olds world. Our girls love where they live and their community and we wanted our first collection to reflect this. The girls live just a few miles apart, go to the same preschool but Mary lives in a tiny village whilst Eva lives in a small market town. We liked the idea of the contrasting and shared environments and want to create a town and countryside collection. With that in mind we set to work taking inspiration from the gorgeous countryside around The Smallish House, creating these beautiful tree designs, still work in progress. Many of the trees have their own individual stories. A cherry tree blossoms a pretty pink in spring, that you can spy from Eva’s bedroom window. A monkey puzzle tree in Marys village. An awesome climbing tree in the girls favourite park. Anna added wonderfully whimsical tree houses, ladders and swings, to create a landscape that would be a childhood dream. A world to spark imagination, where adventure is found and friendships bloom. 

To follow; more on the traditional printing techniques used to create these captivating designs.