Finding our direction


The Smallish House has been a hive of activity since our last post. We’ve had much cutting of lino and other media, mixing of printing inks, fall outs with the printing press and technology in general, along with many a sleepless night pondering the direction that The Smallish House should take. All of which has taught us that there is such a thing as lino cutters elbow, that a red can be too red and that a 30 year old mother of one can have already lost a grasp of how the internet works, among many other important things of course.

Perhaps before we delve into the creative process we should explain what The Smallish House is all about. We had a clear vision of what we wanted achieve. We wanted to start small, designing a range of fabrics with a playful yet stylish feel that will start life as a coordinating cushion collection.  We knew we wanted to keep the process of design and manufacture in house because it is what we love but it also means that we can ensure the highest attention to detail. We hope that from this our business and the range of products can grow into something exciting and special.

We were keen to take inspiration from our lovely daughters, family life, their homes and the communities that they are growing up in. We seemed to have a hundred ideas rushing around our heads but turning this into prints that we adore has been no small task. We toyed with the idea of collection of objects that the girls loved (their pretty matching shoes, a pair of sunglasses, a porcelain mug) and despite producing some lovely prints it just didn’t feel very cohesive. Somehow we kept coming back to this idea of home and the area where they live that, at aged just three years old, is essentially the girls’ whole world. More on all that the next time…..


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